What Managers Need To Know About The History Of Entrepreneurship?

📌This video discusses the facts on the historical development of entrepreneurship pertinent to managers. It takes you through the evolutionary journey from the earliest form of entrepreneurship till the modern one.

🌍The historical evidence of Entrepreneurship goes back to to 20k to 30k years. When humans started to look for ways to improve their living standards. The gradually learned to provide food for themselves instead of migrating and hunting to far away places. Slowly they settled in the form of Entrepreneurial tribes and gradually build their own cities e.g Egyptian, Sumerian and Babylon🗿.

🇸🇦Then there was the period of Middle Ages where Islamic Entrepreneurial Faith emerged and new innovations in trading, spice trading, silk route, architecture, accounting, science, maths, astronomy emerged. The Muslim traders Incorporated the Islamic Laws and standards into their business practices, transferring them to other societies and thus they became the Influential Pollinators of Entrepreneurship.

After the Industrial revolution in Europe (1700 AD) the role of Entrepreneur began to be recognized as a the highly Influential and contributing member of the society. They became the center of research to various economist who dedicated their research in the pursuit of knowing and understanding the Entrepreneurial behavior of entrepreneurs that leads them to success. By the end of 20th century Peter Drucker marked a new turning in Entrepreneurship research and believed that Entrepreneurship is not a genetic talent but can be learned and that entrepreneurs can be MADE.

In the beginning of 21st century Paul Davidson Reynolds researched on the Entrepreneurial Process. He conducted one of the largest entrepreneurship research involving thousands of small businesses. His research provided a new gateway in understanding the startup processes, their success and failures.

🎬In this short video I have tried to incorporate much information, as the topic of entrepreneurship is itself very extensive and needs a thorough understanding of each individualized topic. Hopefully, I will be trying my best to provide you more information in my upcoming videos.

If you have read this far, I really appreciate your time and intent to read and watch my videos 🎥.


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🎦Image Sources:

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