6 digital tools that are a must-have for any entrepreneur



Everyone is trying to get ahead when it comes to content marketing. It is one of the most important ways for you to reach new audiences and potential customers. In fact, 53% of marketers say blog content creation is their top inbound marketing priority. But if you’re struggling to grow your audience online, there are many content marketing tools at your disposal. The following are some of the most useful tools in the marketing industry, including tools for keyword research, topic generation, and analyzing your competition.

This handy tool lets you quickly scour the internet to find trending articles on any topic. If you’re thinking of writing an article on a certain topic that you think might appeal to your readers and customers, you can see what’s already been published on this topic. Just enter a search term or a topic into the search bar and see what articles pop up in the results. You might discover that other publications have already covered this topic extensively, which means you might need to rethink your content strategy. This helps you avoid writing redundant articles for your company’s blog with information that’s already been published elsewhere, so you can focus on topics that are new and compelling.


You can also use this tool to improve upon the existing articles on a particular subject. You might find that these articles have left out some key information, leaving you plenty of room to write an in-depth article on this subject.


Ahrefs is one of the most powerful keyword research tools on the market today. They get their keyword usage data from both Google and Clickstream, making it more accurate than other keyword research tools on the market. You can use Ahrefs to find quality keywords for your blog. You can quickly research search terms to see how much traffic they get and make a qualified decision on which ones you’ll use.

Their website also features tons of customizable settings and features to help you narrow your search. You can see what the top-ranking articles are for a certain search term, how many backlinks these webpages have, and the number of monthly visitors each page receives. This will help you find less-competitive keywords for your blog and you’ll know which terms to avoid based on how many websites are already ranking for that search term on Google.

Webcast, August 9th: Improving B2B Paid Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Through Pipeline Measurement


Canva really comes in handy when it comes to creating original visual media for your blog and website. It’s extremely easy to use, catering to both seasoned graphic designers and those with little design experience. If you sign up, you’ll get instant access to millions of photos, fonts, and graphics that you can use on your blog. Customizing your visual imagery is a breeze. You can drag and drop different visual elements to your design and change them as you see fit.

Unlike Photoshop, Canva helps you keep your finished product in mind. From e-books to album covers and banner images, you can quickly review how the final design is going to look online or on a physical product. You can try designing stunning images yourself instead of hiring a freelance graphic designer.


Just like Canva, Piktochart makes it easy to create unique infographics, flyers, and presentations for your company. It’s easy to use even if you don’t have a lot of design experience, but it’s best suited to reports, case studies, and other data-driven visual displays. Sometimes, simply writing a blog post isn’t enough. You can add a slick infographic to help readers visualize all the data in your posts. You can also use the tool to make the right impression on potential clients if you want to offer them a free brochure or digital flyer that outlines the benefits of your products and services. They offer dozens of free templates to help you get your design off the ground, especially if you’ve never designed an infographic or client presentation.

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If you feel like you’re stumbling around in the dark when it comes to content marketing, you’re not alone. Only 30% of B2B marketers say their business is effective at content marketing, which is down from 38% last year. But these tools will help you streamline your marketing efforts. You can quickly find the right keyword or topic for a blog post, so you don’t end up writing about a topic that makes it difficult to rank on Google. You can also simplify your visual content needs by designing the image yourself.


It’s definitely amazing to have your hands running over new furniture, facing new challenges, wrapping up records with accountants and lawyers, and planning new strategies for your business. But are you prepared for what lies ahead?

Being an aspiring tech entrepreneur, you will come across rewarding and risky paths to reach your dreams. For all your experiences and pitfalls, the technology could be your ultimate saviour. Your dream will fade away if you know nothing about technology. So if you have no clue of what tools you need for your business, I have put together an amazing list of digital tools that no entrepreneur can abstain from to help you prepare for the rollercoaster to come. Take a look:

ProofHub for project management

Every business, no matter how big or small, needs a sophisticated approach to managing projects. As an entrepreneur, you may need to better collaborate with clients, get your team organized and streamlined as efficiently as possible, and look after other needs like easy document sharing, task planning, and many more.

With ProofHub, you can plan what needs to be done, organize documents, deliver projects of all sizes, discuss ideas, and get more done in less time. In a single streamlined place, you, your team and clients, and stakeholders can stay in the loop with no sweat. It can be used anywhere through a web browser or a mobile app.

Evernote for note-making

All through your entrepreneurial journey, you will have to constantly jump from strategy level to tactical level, and manage little to big things like cash flow, inventory, accounting, ideas, and many more.

Evernote helps keep a tab on everything. You can jot down your incredible ideas, make note of the important information and sync two devices, record voice memos, clip web pages, images, add PDF files, and share images seamlessly. With its sharing feature, you can easily share the notes and notebook with clients anytime.

HelpScout for customer support

It is said, “Take care of customers and the rest will follow.” The way you talk to your customers will leave a big impact on your business. You will lose your customers if your service continues to let people down. So you need a help desk for outstanding customer support.

HelpScout helps companies deliver consistently delightful communication for delivering customer satisfaction. It has an easy interface. You can connect with customers through multiple points of contact and have a personalized customer interaction with each.

HubSpot for customer relationship management

More and more business are using CRM software for some essential needs like recording client’s details, their likes and dislikes, credentials, and other strategies to make sure the clients get the best experience.

HubSpot offers a very user-friendly experience and can handle both B2B and B2C businesses for their varied needs including accounting, construction, retail, real estate, and more. It offers a suite of sales- and marketing-related tools, features to promote content online, track website performance, and more. With an easy-to-navigate design, users can manage social media engagements and increase lead quality.

Boomerang for email management

It is actually a time-hogging task to manage your inbox daily. According to a survey, U.S. employees spent 14 percent of their work week on email. Too much time spent on your inbox can be a productivity-ducking monster and deviate you from getting your actual work done.

Boomerang is a plugin for Gmail that keeps the chaos of email organized, and it is incredible for productivity. You can set reminders on all your incoming email messages to get notified in case you miss something. This way your emails will never slip through the crack and you will never forget to follow up with people.

Podcasts for entrepreneur inspiration

Learning should always be a part of your life. You will probably find a lot of speed bumps along the way in your entrepreneurship journey. All the way, it is all related to finding creative solutions to problems and overcoming any difficult situation.

Podcasts should probably be an essential part of your (entrepreneurship) diet to promote learning while multitasking. They will improve your mindset and your perspective to acknowledge various things that come your way.

Some of these tools might seem obvious, while some may amaze you. You shouldn’t miss out on these tools while building your toolset. Find out what works the best for you.

Do you have a favourite tool you would love to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

Vartika Kashyap is Marketing Manager at ProofHub, an online project management software and tool.

(Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of YourStory.)

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